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New Arrival Blank Dazzling Square Hologram Eggshell Stickers 60pcs/120pcs free shipping

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New Arrival Blank Dazzling Square Hologram Eggshell Stickers 60pcs/120pcs free shipping

Blinding dazzles your eyes with running squares, a unique laser pattern in the world!

👉Hologram destructible eggshell stickers , They are not ordinary laser stickers! they cannot removed with one time and with strong water sensitive adhesive provides high bond and excellent destructibility on most substrates, including metals, power coated surfaces,dusty cement wall, and plastics, including many low energy surface materials.

The Top Quality of Eggshell Stickers Resource From China.
Size: 3.937"x2.36" (≈10x6 CM )
☘️Default carton packaging
60pcs (1 bag) = 23USD
120pcs(2 bags ) = 35USD

☘️Optional silver metal box packaging:
60pcs (1 bag) price 27USD
120pcs(2 bags ) price 43USD

Including delivery to USA, UK, Germany, Finland, France, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia and the etc. Contact us for more places with valid costs please!

☘️The price is including door to door mail delivery costs by normal way, around 10-20 days to be received once send out.
👉 If you want fast way 4-5 work days to be received, contact us for valid express costs please.

❤️Hologram Blank Eggshell Stickers,Rainbow and bright surface, the effect of different perspective,good for graffiti and doodles.
❤️Release liners: 80g glassine liners
❤️All stickers are easy bend and peel off (backside paper is little larger than the face stickers.)
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