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Blank White Eggshell Sticker Paper Material in Rolls

$80.00 - $379.20
Blank White Eggshell Sticker Paper Material in Rolls

With them, print your own designs freely!

👉Destructible eggshell stickers, they cannot removed with one time and with strong water sensitive adhesive provides high bond and excellent destructibility on most substrates, including metals, power coated surfaces, and plastics, including many low energy surface materials.

❤️The Top Quality of Eggshell Stickers Resource of China.
*Face color: Matte White
*Thickness of Facestock: 100micron±10%
*Adhesive:Super Strong
*Liner:80g glassine / 168g white kraft
*Fragile Grades: Very Fragile, Medium Fragile, Not Very Fragile (cold weather and large size sticker use)

❤️Notice: Check next instruction please! (If you don't give us a notice, the default is medium fragile grade with 80g glassine release liners for the material in rolls.)

❤️Instruction: Eggshell Sticker Papers Destructible Grades are including 3 grades: Ultra destructible-used for very small tiny size eggshell stickers and in hot weather. Medium destructible- used for larger size and warm weather. Hard to destructible- used for larger size eggshell stickers and cold weather. But the final effect is the same after you stick them with enough time.
Because the characteristics of eggshell sticker papers will change with the temperature.
The lower temperature will cause the same fragile grade materials more fagile.
In most situation, we use medium destructible eggshell sticker papers for make eggshell stickers, becuase the size is larger than tiny size and they won't fragile before you stick on something or in the stick process, easier to use when you do sticking.
Welcome custom eggshell sticker paper sheets or rolls from us, and welcome custom your own design eggshell stickers, any size or design is ok.

❤️Hot Sale roll Size:
7cm x200meter
11cm x200meter
21cm x 200 meter
30cm x 200meter

❤️ The roll size could be customized, width from 5cm to 107cm, length could be 200meter or 400meter per roll, just feel free to contact us for more details.
❤️ The more quantity the better prices.
👉👉👉The price isn't including door to door express delivery costs, send us your country and roll size, quantity please for valid delivery costs please!

$$$(All orders from USA will hand additional tax at customer side on bigcartel from 1th April 2021 when you pay, if you are from USA and would like to save tax, contact us and pay us directly please. Feel free to contact us for details please, including which type, size with quantity and delivery address with postcode and phone number please, thank you! ^_^)

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